Partying Cartagena

“If there’s a general lesson from rank and file up to management, it’s that when something involves the President of the United States, it’s newsworthy,” says Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who ran for the US Senate in Maryland in 2012 and whose brother, Joe, was out partying with Huntington in Cartagena. Controversial 'sex island' making a comeback 'Sex Island', an alleged drug-fueled orgy vacation offering unlimited sex with prostitutes, is making a comeback despite sparking a backlash last year. The Ultimate Guide To Cartagena Nightlife. Partying in Cartagena is fun, but many of the idiosyncrasies of Colombian nightlife exits here too. Similar to Cali, people go out in large groups and stay with their own all night. But sun, sea, sand, and sex, are your thing… Nightlife in Cartagena, Colombia is what you want! 'If anyone wants a unique culture rich bachelor party filled with memorable activities, such as beach horse back riding, cigar rolling, island hoping, food tours, city tours in a city filled with history, amazing f...' 'Angie and Hi Cartagena helped us, a group of 7 girls from Canada, organize the most amazing boat day on a private boat as well as a sunset rooftop dinner at our own air BnB.' Cartagena Dating Guide. We just fully listed some great options to meet single girls near so we better pivot to our Cartagena dating guide. Getting one to go out with you is always a great start, but now you better be able to show her a good time on your date night. Partying in Cartagena is different than partying in some cities, where you expect to pay fees for a good table at a club. At Cartagena nightclubs, you can expect your costs to include cover and reasonably-priced drinks at every club mentioned above, and even relatively expensive bars and nightclub are cheap when compared to those stateside. Cartagena. Looking for those Miami type of nights out? Cartagena is the spot for you. Swanky rooftop bars overlooking the ocean, steamy nightclubs, and some of the sexiest people in Colombia, Cartagena brings the heat. Literally. During the day, the heat can feel unbearable. That’s why most days are spent taking siestas or along the beaches. Hi Bachelorette: No trip to Cartagena is complete without visiting the magical Rosario Islands. Why not hire a yacht and spend a day on the water with amazing food, drinks, music and all your closest girlies. We will make sure you are partying in style and on some of Cartagena’s most remote islands. Lucky for us backpackers, the Cartagena nightlife venues are not very strict with dress codes, so you should not have to worry too much about dress codes when partying here. The majority of bars in Cartagena are very casual and sometimes even allow visitors to get in even wearing tank tops and flip flops. Cartagena in three words: Charming, lively, two-faced. Chance of Hooking up: 3.75 / 5 Quality of Girls: 4 / 5 (dat azz) Nightlife: 3.5 / 5 Smoking tolerance: 4 / 5 Livability: 3.5 /5 (#16 on NomadList for South America) City guide ratings explained Costs €$£ Bachelor’s budget: $60 per day. Beer: 3000 Pesos ($1) for a street beer, 8000 pesos ($3) …

Alestorm's albums keep getting better and better.

2020.09.20 01:01 iDontaeCareFAM Alestorm's albums keep getting better and better.

Captain Morgan's revenge goes last because there isn't as many memorable tracks compared to the other albums. Of course there's some great tracks like the title track which is a top 10 Alestorm song and Nancy The Tavern Wench which is very fun to listen to.
Black Sails At Midnight is slightly better than CMR. I have done more full listens to this album than CMR and that's one reason why it's higher. The second reason is Keelhauled, which is probably their catchiest track ever. Leviathan is a great, enjoyable track too.
Back Through Time is slightly better than its predecessor as well. Sound mixing finally started to become very tolerable. Standout tracks are shipwrecked, Death Throes Of The Terror Squid and The Sunk'n Norwegian. With Shipwrecked being my favorite.
Sunset On The Golden Age is the first outstanding-tier album. Great mixing, great humor, great music... Just a very well-rounded album. Standouts are the catchy-ass tracks Magnetic North, Hangover and Drink, along with The Battle Of Cartagena which is still Alestorm's best track. It has a few skip-able tracks like Quest For Ships.
No Grave But The Sea is slightly better than its predecessor, but it's very unaccessible, in fact, it's probably Alestorm's most unaccessible album. The reason why it's higher is because it's very consistent, and because there's not a single skip-able track. Standouts are the title track, Mexico, Alestorm, Fucked With An Anchor (lol) and Treasure Island.
Now, let me explain why I think COTCC is their best, most well rounded album yet. First of all, Treasure Chest Party Quest, Tortuga, Fannybaws, Chomp Chomp and Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship are some of their catchiest songs, Call Of The Waves and Wooden Leg Pt. 2 are some of their best long/serious tracks, and Shitboat is Fucked With and Anchor 2.0. There's not a single weak track and it all flows so well, I have already done like thirty full-listens of this album. Also Henry Martin is pretty damn underrated. But the biggest reason is that it never gets old, I have listened this album so many times and the tenth listen feels as good as the first one.
To be honest I'm glad that they keep topping up their previous albums like this, it gives you great expectations.
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2020.09.02 00:35 903512646 Resorts in Cartagena?

planning a bachelor party in Cartagena, but do not see any high end resorts. Are there any high end resorts in Cartagena?
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2020.07.31 13:09 yachtysocial Why should You Plan Your Bachelor Party in Cartagena on a Yacht?

Bachelor parties are a popular trend because they are fun and allow you to have a great time with your loved ones before your big day. Take your bachelor party to the next level with Yachty Social. We have a wide selection of luxury yachts to meet the varied needs of our clients. Trust us to provide you with a memorable and unforgettable nautical experience.
Read More:
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2020.05.25 05:23 cd1909 Im going to Cartagena in January for a Batchelor party but i do t know where to go or what to do ! Can someone point me in the right direction ?

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2020.05.23 16:42 saharaelbeyda I have never seen Ramona be more reasonable and my disgust for Dorinda has never been greater

I have never really been a Ramona fan and used to like Dorinda a lot. My, how times change. Ramona certainly has her flaws, but she tried to take up for Tinsley against Dorinda's bullying - because everyone else is afraid to - and Dorinda flipped it around and started attacking her.
I know Dorinda is going through a lot but I'm completely fed up with the way she is lashing out at people. She may not be a fan of how Tinsley lives her life, or of Tinsley's personality and she has a right to her own opinions, but she does not have a right to judge or verbally attack Tinsley over it.
Ramona tried to be cordial and peaceful at her dinner party, but Dorinda starts to come at her in front of these other women, who don't even know the situation - exactly what she asked Ramona NOT to do - and goes off on Ramona for bringing up Cartagena. Ramona only brought up Cartagena because Dorinda reached into the past at the bathhouse to accuse Ramona of things, instead of addressing her own behavior and the current situation they were supposed to be discussing.
I'm also fed up with Dorinda's frosty pink lipstick and pumped up hair when she's talking to the camera. 🙃
Edit: I just wanted to add, that I think Sonja eats it up when she sees Dorinda attacking Tinsley. I think I've seen Leah, Ramona and Luann all at least try to cautiously say something small to Dorinda about her behavior, but I cannot recall Sonja saying anything to defend Tinsley. She is supposed to be Tinsley's friend, but it seems like she constantly complains about everything Tinsley does.
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2020.05.15 04:41 UnabridgedAppendix Following the trail of an old story

A few years ago I read a story here called something along the lines of Her Eyes Were Blue (or She Had Blue Eyes?) It was about this guy that traveled with some friends to Colombia for fun. I haven't been able to find the story again as it was a few years ago. Maybe 2014 or 2015. He mentioned they visited Cartagena and then Barranquilla if I remember correctly.
In Barranquilla, he and his friends went partying at a club and met some girls. There was one in particular that caught his eye. A gorgeous blue-eyed brunette by the name of Deborah. If you can find the story, please read it. I need your help and I'm not sure where to begin. Well, I'm in Barranquilla now. In mid-March, before the pandemic starting hitting hard in Colombia, I was working as a translator in Bogotá. Once quarantine measures were put in place my contract was suspended until further notice. I left my hotel and took a bus to Barranquilla right before stay at home measures turned more stringent.
I've been obsessed with that story over the years and call me crazy but I'm only in Barranquilla for one reason: Deborah. I need to find her. I haven't been able to get that story out of my head and I think about her constantly.
I'm not sure if she's evil, crazy, or just misunderstood but I need to find her. Now that I'm here, I feel so close and I don't want to leave Barranquilla until I find her. I'm not sure where to start. I believe the club's name is in that story but for the life of me, I can't remember. Maybe that could be a good place to start.
It's strange but I don't feel safe here. It's not so much the city per se but what I'll eventually discover if I continue digging. I can't help myself though. All I can think of are those blue eyes and I need to see them for myself. I'm not leaving Barranquilla until I find her. No matter the cost.
The city isn't very big so it won't be like searching somewhere like, say, New York. I can't shake the heaviness though. I feel pressure in my chest, maybe it's anxiety or anticipation. I don't know what's going to happen and I'm sure I'm going against my better judgment. But I feel so close. Barranquilla is very warm and humid. I'm on the 12th floor of the Sonesta Hotel and as I write this, I'm looking through the window to find desolate streets and silent lights. The loneliness of my quest makes me nervous and I'm not sure how I'll manage to navigate the streets with the quarantine. Surely there are loopholes I can take advantage of.
It's too late to go back now. I'm already here. I don't regret it but I do feel uneasy. I'm a bit ashamed even sharing this but I am desperate and in need of help, of guidance. If I can find the shack, I can find Deborah. Oh, what am I saying? How stupid does that sound? Why did I even come here?
I had been debating whether or not I should share what I'm about to write because you might just consider me borderline insane if not completely crazy. I decided to lay myself bare so here goes. The force of this story has taken control of me. I can hear Deborah calling to me. Not in an audible voice but it's as if she's taken hold of me and pulling on the strings of my soul. I simply cannot shake it. I know it makes no sense. A few months ago I had a dream where she was observing me. Truly, she is stunning but also frightening. She didn't say a word, simply devoured my mind and soul with those blue eyes, those damn blue eyes.
Ever since that dream, I've been consumed by thoughts of her. I need to find her and I don't care what she did to the author of that story. I want to, need to, experience her firsthand. If I'm going to die, so be it but I can't continue going on like this without knowing the truth. I'll start my search in earnest tomorrow. I'll make a list of the clubs but then what? Lockdown is everywhere, especially in non-essential businesses. I feel so lost. I need a drink and sleep. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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2020.05.03 14:16 con7777 Tinsley in her heyday

Since I’m bored in quarantine I thought I’d write a post dedicated to Tinsley. She is my favorite and I hate how Sonja/Dorinda downplay her as a washed up socialite/ kept woman. So I wrote this post to give some insight of how big Tinsley really was in the 2000’s, not only in the press but also her social circle, which consisted of the upper elites of Manhattan. This is going to be a long ass post so get your Skinnygirl popcorn ready!
First a little background about Tins, she grew up extremely privileged in Richmond, lived in the biggest house in Richmond that had a pool and tennis court. She is descendant of Thomas Jefferson and John Mercer (attorney of George Washington). The Mercers have been in Virginia since the 1700’s, they are one of the first families and for generations they were all attorneys or military officers. Tinsley’s father was a successful real estate investor. She is basically the definition of WASP.
She went to Lawrenceville, an upper class school and went on to properly marry (after finishing university because they eloped first when they were 18 ) her highschool sweetheart Topper Mortimer, great-grandson of one of the Standard Oil founders and heir of the prestigious Mortimer family. The Mortimers are part of the upper elites of New York and have been so for centuries.
After finishing her bachelor degree in Art History at Columbia, she worked at Vogue as a beauty editor. Shortly after she went back to school and did her masters in Decorative Arts at Parsons. She is definitely not your average pretty dumb blonde. After Parsons she did PR events for luxury fashion brands. This was really when she started to go into the social scene, circa 2002.
Because she was at all the Upper East Side events she quickly became the newcomer of socialites. Also, thanks to the Mortimer last name she was invited to A LOT of parties and events, she basically saw the camera flashlights every other night.
Tinsley was known as a barbie doll, blonde, hair blown out, make up done well, dressed in the latest designer clothes. Basically perfect from head to toe, not even a stray of hair out of place.
Because of her looks, sweet personality, background and appearances at the biggest events she became the IT girl. This was around 2005. She (and Paris Hilton) literally started the famous for being famous persona. Whatever Tinsley wore would be featured in the latest fashion and gossip magazines. She was what the Kardashians/Jenners are to the current generation but pre social media, just imagine how big she was in NY’s social scene.
The difference between her and, let say Paris Hilton was that Tinsley was much more notorious in the Manhattan social scene while Paris’ name is more public due to pop culture. Hence why some people might never heard of Tinsley if you didn’t follow NYC’s society, but she was H-U-G-E.
She sat frontrow at the hottest New York fashion shows and also went to Paris Fashion Week and was friends with a lot of brands/designers, she got to wear the most glamorous clothes of each season.
From 2005 to 2007, she was invited to the Met Gala, personally dressed up by brands and designers like Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger and Donatella Versace. Back then you actually needed an invitation to go to the Met, unlike today where you can be featured for whatever reason.
In 2007 she teamed up with the Japanese brand Samantha Thavasa and launched a handbag line that sold extremely well in Japan. The following year she collaborated with Dior on her own lipgloss, Tinsley Pink.
During the mid 2000’s she was literally in every fashion magazine, from Vogue to Marie Claire to Harpers Bazaar. She ranked as the #1 socialite for years until her divorce and newcomer Olivia Palermo came up. The Socialite Rank was basically like the website in Gossip Girl, where all NYC IT girl gossips were posted.
She was THAT bitch in NYC that would get her picture taken and was talked about in the press simply because she was beautiful and part of the Upper East Side elites. She was an influencer before that was even a term. That is quite a statement to her social status. Look at her pictures during the 2000’s and compare it with BlaiSerena’s style, it’s so similar. Even her current style feels like the continuation of Gossip Girl because she was the one who influenced the styling of the show.
Tinsley was also involved in a lot of charities, she was on the board of the American Museum of Natural History and did a lot of charity/fund raising with the elites of Manhattan. She was in the circles of Paris and Nicky Hilton, Ivanka Trump, Lauren Davis (later Santo Domingo), Amanda Hearst, Lydia Hearst and a lot of Vogue IT Girls/ old moneyed heiresses.
To give you a few examples of her social circles from RHONY:
• Upon going to Cartagena in S10, she said she went there a dozen times and for a wedding where she was a bridesmaid. Yes, she was a bridesmaid for freaking Lauren Santo Domingo, who used to be another NY IT girl and married the billionaire heir of the Santo Domingo family. Their wedding was featured in Vogue as the wedding of the year.
• At the beginning of S10, LuAnn asked Tinsley why she didn’t meet up with her in the Hamptons during the summer. Tins said she was with her friend Gigi, LuAnn then name dropped a last name (which I forgot cuz it was just your average Gigi) and Tinsley said no, Gigi Howard. That Gigi used to date the current Spanish King Felipe! Those are Hamptons circles Ramona the social climber can’t even get into.
All of the women on the franchise (including B) would literally kill someone to get into the social circles Tinsley was/is in. She was in the upper echelons of fashion and high society most people in Manhattan would die for.
Part of the reason why she and Topper divorced was because he and his family didn’t really like that she was out every night for the sake of self-promotion. In my opinion Tinsley had all the cards everyone could wish for but she was too naive and played it short term and did not prepare for the long run.
Sadly, she lost a lot of confidence and social status when she divorced and after she was arrested. She went to Palm Beach for four years and even ended up in an abusive relationship. She could’ve had the Paris mixed with Nicky Hilton life and I think in a way she still has it, her lifestyle never deteriorated and she still spends her days shopping and blowing her hair out so I guess she is set for life, just without the former socialite status and recognition.
Tinsley really had it all, money, fame, notoriety and most importantly from watching RHONY she continued to be this sweet, outgoing and nice girl. It’s somehow funny to me that the most glamorous and a notorious socialite is more considerate and respectful than those women who were born with nothing. I guess money really can’t buy you class.
And regarding the disgusting financial accusations from Dorinda/Sonja: the fact that Tinsley still has a trust fund in her forties and can afford 9k/month rent and 3k Zimmermann dresses, pretty much indicates that she is LOADED. Not to mention that Dale and Dabney basically spend their days drinking Pinot Grigio in Palm Beach (not West Palm) strutting in Chanel bags and designer clothes. They are just the lucky ones who never have to work and still live an affluent lifestyle whether there is a man in their lives or not.
Thanks for reading if you made it this far! Feel free to ask questions or share how you feel about this post.
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2020.04.14 01:59 CAhomebuyer2020 Where Should I Live for 3-6 Months?

Now that my company was forced into the digital revolution, it turns out I can do my job entirely remotely. Eventually, when the quarantine is lifted, I want to pitch to my boss to slowly transition to working more and more from home, until they let me work from home for several months. The idea is to not work out of my current home, but spend the time checking out another country. I'm fluent in English and German and currently picking up Spanish (and not interested in learning another language atm).
My ideal temporary home has warm weather, enough tourist attractions within a couple hundred miles for a few longer vacations, plus something closer for several weekend getaways, and also a solid local culture where I can easily find stuff to do on evenings and weekends. I'd like to live in a city (or a community within a city) where I can walk to most places, with restaurants and bars and concerts and such. Not into partying, binge drinking, spring break type stuff. Should be reasonably safe so a single female can walk around with the usual precautions, but not constant fear. Cost of living should be less than Southern California although it seems that most any place meeting the above criteria would fit that bill.
I've been thinking about Lima since I spent a couple days there. I also hear great things about Arequipa. I enjoyed Cusco, but not sure it is interesting for a longer stay. I'm eyballing Colombia hard, Bogota or Medellin or Cartagena depending on the time of year. Yay/nay to any of these? Which other cities should I consider? Help me turn my daydream into reality :)
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2020.03.16 19:15 Ainsoph777 Devout Catholic Papal Knight of Malta Jefferson Caffery, was behind the scenes in the 1928 United Fruit Banana Massacre in Colombia

" The Banana Massacre was a massacre of United Fruit Company workers that occurred between December 5 and 6, 1928 in the town of Ciénaga near Santa Marta, Colombia. The strike began on November 12, 1928, when the workers ceased to work until the company would reach an agreement with them to grant them dignified working conditions.[2]After several weeks with no agreement and no work, costing the company severe financial losses, the conservative government of Miguel Abadía Méndez{Roman Catholic}sent the Colombian army in against the strikers, resulting in the massacre. After U.S. officials in Colombia and United Fruit representatives portrayed the workers' strike as "communist" with a "subversive tendency" in telegrams to the U.S. Secretary of State,[3] the United States government threatened to invade with the U.S. Marine Corps if the Colombian government did not act to protect United Fruit’s interests. The Colombian government was also compelled to work for the interests of the company, considering they could cut off trade of Colombian bananas with significant markets such as the United States and Great Britain.[4]"

The Devout Catholic Jefferson Caffery was the United States Ambassador to Colombia at the time of the massacre. Just one month after the slaughter Caffery sent a telegram to Washington boasting of the Colombian army being used to quash out further decent---the killing of 1000 striking Colombians who were simply protesting the miserable working conditions under the United Fruit Company. Here is a image :

"The Honorable
The Secretary of State,
Sir :
With reference to my previous reports concerning the Santa Maria strike , with special reference in that connection to my dispatch No. 49 of December 29, I have the honor to report that the Bogota representative of the United Fruit company told me yesterday that the total number of strikers killed by the Colombian military exceeded one thousand.
I have the honor, to be, sir your obedient servant ,
Jefferson Caffery"

Here is the full dispatch, sent January 16th , 1929
Here a link to a collection of archives on the Banana Massacre. :

The U.S. Secretary of State was a Catholic freemason named Frank B Kellog!
Kellog is mentioned quite a bit in the book Catholic Borderlands: Mapping Catholicism Onto American Empire, 1905-1935, Anne M. Martinez, 2014 University of Nebraska Press, here are some excerpts:
pg. 91 : " In 1926 the Knights of Columbus were taken to task for accusing the president and secretary of state with fomenting and approving the “evils at our own doorsteps.” The representatives of the Knights of Columbus who met with Secretary of State Frank B. Kellogg were quick to acknowledge that the language was perhaps too strong. Both parties agreed, however, that to retract the statement or otherwise draw attention to the document could cause more harm than good, especially in Mexico. Kellogg surely recognized the importance of the Knights of Columbus as a national Catholic voice, and he sought to shape its message in whatever ways he could—in this case by being accessible to the Knights of Columbus."
pg. 94 : " In recognition of U.S. Catholic concerns and power, Secretary of State Kellogg shrewdly reported his and Ambassador Sheffield’s actions on behalf of Caruana to the National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC). NCWC news releases appeared in Catholic newspapers across the country, reinvigorating Catholic concern over the Mexican situation while also assuring Catholics that high-level officials in the U.S. government were on their side."

In Gerard Colby's book Du Pont Dynasty , Behind The Nylon Curtain ( 1984) we read on pg. 262
: " The Du Ponts made other investments: … in American Sugar and Refining Company (Domino Sugar), which had substantial sugar cane plantations in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other parts of Latin America, paying slave wages. … in United Fruit Company, which maintained banana republics throughout Latin America. During the late Twenties United Fruit imported into Cuba 9,600 Blacks from Haiti and Santo Domingo to work on plantations not far from Irénée’s estate. The company paid the Cuban government $25 per man as a bond, promising to return them home. As it was cheaper to forfeit the bond than ship them home and hire new workers, United Fruit made it a habit of breaking its promise, stranding the workers in a foreign land. “These companies,” wrote one contemporary author, “intensify the chronic unemployment on the island by importing Negro laborers—under slave terms—from Haiti and Santo Domingo. These are kept in semi-military compounds, guarded by troops and denied every civil liberty.” In 1928, 1,500 men, women, and children, employees of United Fruit, were murdered by troops in Santa Marta, Colombia, for striking in protest of receiving only 60 percent of their promised wages. The survivors were imprisoned on the banana plantation and flogged, while two U.S. warships were anchored nearby in readiness to intervene if necessary."

Back to Jefferson Caffery. The Converted Catholic Magazine in its January 1945 issue reported that : " THE CATHOLIC ACTION MEDAL, awarded annually by St. Bonaventure College, Allegany, N. Y., to an outstanding Catholic layman, was presented last October 9 to J. H. Jefferson Caffery, recently appointed Ambassador to France. "

The New York Times in Caffery's obituary wrote : " Mr. Caffery was born of wealthy parents in Lafayette, La., Dec. 1, 1896. After studying at Catholic University in Washington, he passed qualification examinations for the State Department Foreign Service and was appointed to his first diplomatic post, that of secretary of legation at Caracas, Venezuela, in 1911..... Mr. Caffery received many honors from many foreign nations. In 1954, the Laetare Medal was conferred upon him by the University of Notre Dame (Catholic)."

On the tracking website Jefferson Caffery is listed as a Knight of Malta :
Wikipedia lists Caffery as a Knight of Malta aswell : " US Ambassador to Egypt (1949-55)US Ambassador to France (1944-49)US Ambassador to Brazil (1937-44)US Ambassador to Cuba (1934-37)US Ambassador to Colombia (1928-33)US Ambassador to El Salvador (1926-28)French Legion of Honor Knights of Malta "

From the website of the University of Louisiana at Layfette libraries on the article on the Jefferson Caffery Papers we see the murderer Jefferson Caffery was an adviser to three popes! how fitting indeed. ,
: " After his retirement in 1955, the Cafferys lived in Rome, where he acted as honorary private chamberlain to three popes. The couple moved to Lafayette in 1973, shortly before Mrs. Caffery’s death. The Ambassador died the following year. For further information see Dictionary of American Biography; Dictionary of Louisiana Biography; Philip F. Dur, Jefferson Caffery of Louisiana: Ambassador of Revolutions (Lafayette: USL Libraries, 1982); obituary in New York Times, 15 April 1974."

Caffery was married in the Catholic country of Brazil by a Catholic priest of course, The New York Times in a special cable of November 21, 1937 titled CAFFERY, DIPLOMAT, MARRIED IN BRAZIL; Cardinal Leme de Silviera Officiates at Bridal of Miss McCarthy and Ambassador wrote :
" Miss Gertrude McCarthy of Chicago, daughter of Mrs. Daniel E. McCarthy and the late Colonel McCarthy, was married to Jefferson Caffery, United States Ambassador to Brazil, here this morning in the private chapel of the residence of Cardinal Leme da Silviera, who performed the ceremony. "

To wrap up from the Wikipedia page of Jefferson Caffery : " As the U.S. ambassador to Colombia, Jefferson was heavily involved in the Banana Massacre that occurred in 1928 in the small, coastal town of Ciénaga. Tired of terrible working conditions and very little wages (workers were paid in United Fruit Company store credit), banana farmers went on strike in protest. In order to protect the interests of the United Fruit Company, Caffery reported toU.S. Secretary of State Frank Billings Kellogg that leaders of the strike would be immediately arrested and sent to prison in nearby Cartagena. Martial law was declared soon after and an unknown number of workers and their families were shot by a firing squad in the town square. .[5] "
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2020.02.23 21:20 mwilex [21M] Looking for a travel partner for S. America March 3-July 15

I will be flying into Cartagena on March 3rd from Panama and would love to find a cool person or a few people to do SA with. I plan on ending up in Argentina, so any part of that also works.
I am from the US and have been travelling in Central America since December. I will start med school when I get back! I enjoy partying but generally, I am a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of person.
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2020.02.07 02:37 cityofwind99 Cartagena beach party?

Hi, a few of us will be in Cartagena and are looking to party at a beach club for a couple of days. I have been to Cartagena before, and I know the beaches by the city are just so-so. But are there any wild beach parties on the Rosario Islands or anywhere else? Anyone been to Bora Bora Beach Club?
Looking for something fun and loud and not too many couples. Thanks!
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2020.01.30 21:02 7Hielke An invitation to all socialists!

DATE: 30-01-2020
TO: The New Democratic Party and Labour
Dear chairmen of the New Democratic Party and Labour
I hereby do like to invite you and delegates of your party to twenty sixth conference of the Socialist International in the Hague, the Netherlands from seven to ten February 2020. This conference will be a successor to twenty fiftieth conference in Cartagena, Venezuela which was in 2017. The goals of the conference will be to write a joint statement about certain subjects still to be determined, to elect a chairman and his or her deputies and any other subjects who can be determined on the conference itself. All parties will be allowed to send a maximum of four delegates to ensure quick negotiations. We will be looking forward to the conference.
The leader of the (Dutch) Socialist Party, The acting chairman of the Socialist International,
(The delegates can join here: )
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Hello folks - I decided to write this post since I have gotten so much great feedback on my previous one where I spell out all the critical information for those planning to celebrate a bachelor party in Cartagena. Some of the information I will share today here will overlap but I think that's fine. I will try to keep it as straight forward as possible and I also want to remind you - I am not a writer.
Right off the bat I will tell you that if you are planning to rent a vacation rental in Cartagena for the purpose of a bachelor party or a guys trip, you will have a tougher time than the rest. Most owners of villas do not rent to all-male groups and the ones that do impose quite strict policies that will surely put a damp on the fun. If you need help navigating this issue, my American company Go-Elite LLC ( will be glad to help out. We have VIP access to most of the great vacation rentals that do allow us all-male groups due to over 6 consecutive years of great work together. Feel free to reach out directly to me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). If you are a more do it yourself kind of person, please read on.
Most of the vacation rentals/villas will not accept unregistered guests. An unregistered guest is someone who tries to access the property who has not been registered prior to check-in or at the time of check-in. If you are trying to enjoy the villa and bring people back, then this will be an issue for you. Before you book any villa, make sure you have the following questions answered:
- Does this vacation rental/villa accept unregistered guests?
- If not, is there anything that can be done?
- If guests are allowed, are there any restrictions? (entry/exit times, capacity, identification)
- Are there any extra costs associated with inviting in unregistered guests?

Imagine this - you are stoked that you were able to book the proper vacation rental/villa with a nice sized pool and plenty of open common space. You want to make the most of it and so you plan a pool party. You want to make it memorable so you get a waitress, a bartender, a chef for the bbq, and a DJ with pro sound and lighting. But there is one issue - you forgot to ask the villa the right questions and DJs are not allowed. In fact, there are some hefty restrictions on noise levels. Now you are wishing you had asked all the right questions in advance. So here they are:
- Are there any restrictions regarding noise levels?
- If so, what specific time of the day?
- Is there any policy against hiring a DJ with pro sound?
- Is there an additional cost charged by the vacation rental for bringing in a DJ?
- Does the house come with quality sound system?
- If so, can you provide the specs?
- Has this villa hosted pool parties or events that generate higher noise levels?
- In the event that noise levels exceed the limits, what is the procedure?

Accidents happen to anyone and you want to make sure that you fully understand the damages/deposit policy of the vacation rental you are looking into booking, I will give you a few tips from experience of renting hundreds and hundreds of vacation rentals in Cartagena. Always ask how they collect deposit (cash or cc authorization/pesos or dollars). That way you are prepared the day of the check-in. Also make sure that on checkout you get the cc authorization back or it is shredded in front of you. Regarding damages- it is the best idea to do a walk through inspection the first day and report any items or things that look damaged. Take pictures of it on your cellphone for backup. Tell your whole crew to report any damages promptly. The day of the check-in ask about towels (quantity) so you know how many you are responsible for. Some villas like to charge hefty prices for misplaced or lost towels.
You may not want to hear this but most villas have cameras covering most of the open common spaces, lobby, and entrance. Make sure to ask about where the cameras are and also if you want to dig a little bit deeper ask about what happens to the content. Request that all content be deleted permanently unless there is an official police investigation. You can also scan for cameras downloading some apps.
Most likely you will not have the villa 100 percent to yourselves. There will be a live-in employee placed there by the owner to babysit and make sure the rules are being followed. Ask in advance who is there and if you want more privacy request that there be no live-in admin during your stay. That may be possible but it is unlikely unless they already know you. Some landlords will not budge regardless.

FOR YOUR SAFETY - do not rent any villas or vacation rentals or properties that are listed as 'located in middle class neighborhood or in a traditional neighborhood" because they will be too far from where you need to be and are not safe enough for you to be there. Here are the neighborhoods you want to make sure you stay in:
Center: Walled City (old city) and Getsemani
Bocagrande (new city and by the beach)
Castillo Grande
My recommendation is try your best to stay in the old city or getsemani.
Don't forget that we are here to help with vacation rentals, yacht/boat charters, and concierge services.
Ok folks - hope this is of value to you and we really appreciate all of you coming to our beloved country of Colombia. Enjoy your epic trip and stay young!
Juan Carlos Morales
whatsapp +1.516.493.6070
[email protected]
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2020.01.30 15:34 7Hielke A invitation for the socialist party of the USA

DATE: 30-01-2020
TO: The socialist party of the USA
Dear chairman of the socialist party of the USA
I hereby do like to invite you and delegates of your party to twenty sixth conference of the Socialist International in the Hague, the Netherlands from seven to ten February 2020. This conference will be a successor to twenty fiftieth conference in Cartagena, Venezuela which was in 2017. The goals of the conference will be to write a joint statement about certain subjects still to be determined, to elect a leader and his or her deputies and any other subjects who can be determined on the conference itself. All parties will be allowed to send a maximum of four delegates to ensure quick negotiations. We will be looking forward to the conference.
The leader of the (Dutch) Socialist Party, The acting chairman of the Socialist International,
(The delegates can join here: )
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2020.01.29 18:03 7Hielke An invitation for all socialists!

DATE: 29-01-2020
TO: Socialdemokraterna, Vänsterpartiet
Dear chairmen of the Socialdemokraterna and the Vänsterpartiet
I hereby do like to invite you and delegates of your party to twenty sixth conference of the Socialist International in the Hague, the Netherlands from seven to ten February 2020. This conference will be a successor to twenty fiftieth conference in Cartagena, Venezuela which was in 2017. The goals of the conference will be to write a joint statement about certain subjects still to be determined, to elect a chairman and his or her deputies and any other subjects who can be determined on the conference itself. All parties will be allowed to send a maximum of four delegates to ensure quick negotiations. We will be looking forward to the conference.
The leader of the (Dutch) Socialist Party, The acting chairman of the Socialist International,
(The delegates can join here: )
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2020.01.27 18:11 billsands Is the socialist international still "Socialist" was it ever? you decide

there is still a Socialist international, as time goes by and parties switch their allegiance to the "Progressive international" the word fades into history, but was the Socialist international ever really Socialist? You tell me, I really honestly want to know how you think on it
The Socialist International (SI) is a worldwide organisation of political parties which seek to establish democratic socialism.[1] It consists mostly of democratic socialist, social-democratic and labour political parties and other organisations.
Although formed in 1951 as a successor to the Labour and Socialist International, it has antecedents to the late 19th century. The organisation currently includes 147 member parties[3] and organisations from over 100 countries. Its members have governed in many countries including most of Europe.
The current secretary general of the SI is Luis Ayala&action=edit&redlink=1) [Wikidata] (Chile) and the current president of the SI is the former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou,[4] both of whom were re-elected at the last SI Congress held in Cartagena, Colombia in March 2017.
The Progressive Alliance (PA) is a political international of social-democratic, socialist and progressive political parties and organisations founded on 22 May 2013 in Leipzig, Germany.[1] The alliance was formed as an alternative to the existing Socialist International, of which many of its member parties are former or current members.[2] The Progressive Alliance claims 140 participants from around the world.
The first step towards the creation of the Progressive Alliance was the decision in January 2012 by Sigmar Gabriel, then chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), to cancel payment of the SPD's £100,000 yearly membership fee to the Socialist International. Gabriel had been critical of the Socialist International's admittance and continuing inclusion of undemocratic political movements into the organization.
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2020.01.21 23:27 nautilusmaker Yachtie Community Cholon Cartagena Permanent Boat Party Outside Hurricane Zone Protected Bay Caribbean

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2020.01.19 01:23 TheBiohaxor001 First time going on a trip (while tripping)

Hello everyone!
Tomorrow morning I'm catching a plane to Cartagena, for the longest of time I've followed LSD and seen all the post about people traveling while on L... and well, I feel ready to experience this for the first time!
I would like to know if there's any advice in particular anyone more experienced would like to give me.
For context, I've been tripping for almost 2 years, initially was pretty irresponsible so I have quite a few trips under my belt, my go to doses are 150-300 mics for solo/group/outdoors/party experiences and so far, I've been able to handle up to 700 on my own. I'll be taking 225.
I will have a sober companion throughout the whole experience, I'm particularly curious about ways to deal with sitting on a plane (It's only 1 and a half hours) since I've never been locked down like that before, I'm always moving around and actively changing my surroundings.
Looking forward to your comments!
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2020.01.15 00:53 CuteBananaMuffin How the discovery of Paititi The lost city of gold" May change Peru for ever

How the discovery of Paititi The lost city of gold
Disclaimer : I don't claim to know anything , it's just a post for discussion , ideas ,theories and opinions . The following paragraphs are copy-paste with the intent to discuss the subject and nothing else.
by Jim Dobson January 11, 2016

Many explorers have died searching for Paititi: the Lost City of Gold, and many became convinced that the city was hidden in the last undiscovered regions of the Amazon.
The infamous journeys to discover Paititi were also what inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write "The Lost World."
Much has been documented about the divine sense of quest to discover this magical kingdom. From treasure hunters to archaeologists and explorers, Paititi has until now remained the subject of lore and tribal legend spread through generations.
But now, a remote location in the Peruvian Amazon thought to be the legendary Lost City has been discovered and is the target for a professional expedition taking place this summer.

The search for Paititi : The lost city of gold

Inca traditions mention a city, deep in the jungle and east of the Andes area of Cusco which could be the last Incan refuge following the Spanish Conquest.
The Spanish conquistadors pillaged Cusco for its gold and silver, they only discovered a small amount of bounty in the capital, and the bulk of the mass treasure has never been found.
Just recently a Spanish Galleon that sunk over 300 years ago, was discovered off the coast of Columbia and possibly holding billions of dollars worth of treasure looted from Peru.
In 2001, Italian archaeologist Mario Polia discovered the report of a missionary named Andres Lopez in the Vatican archives.
In the document, which dates from 1600, Lopez describes in great detail, a large city rich in gold, silver and jewels, located in the middle of the tropical jungle called Paititi by the natives.
Lopez informed the Pope about his discovery and the Vatican has kept Paititi's location secret for decades.
Due to the remote location of the area, as well as dense mountains that have to be traveled, it is no wonder that Paititi remains so hard to find. Currently drug trafficking, illegal logging and oil mining are overtaking this part of Peru, and many amateur explorers that enter are often killed.
Legendary explorer Greg Deyermenjian explains his extraordinary devotion to the area,
"The quest for Paititi, for the furthest presence of the Incas into the selva (jungle) beyond the ranges, began for me after having visited, in 1981, the site of Vilcabamba, the redoubt of Manco Inca - who did finally rebel against the Spaniards after enduring nearly three years of their increasingly harsh rule - at Espíritu Pampa in the forested plains of La Convención province to the northwest of Machu Picchu.
It was then that I began to hear about a site which lay hidden somewhere off to the east, where the Andes and the Amazonian rain forests meet in a riot of hills, ravines, and isolated peaks, all covered in jungle and crisscrossed by unnavigable boulder-strewn rivers and streams.
And in 1984 I began traveling there, to the north and northeast of Cusco, first in the company of Cusqueño hunters who had made forays well past their holdings in Paucartambo, and then with the Quechua-speaking highland campesinos of Challabamba and Calca that I had met through them."

Famed explorer Greg Deyermenjian

"Beginning in 1994, we allied ourselves with Peru's foremost living explorer, Dr. Carlos Neuenschwander, who had been conducting his own investigation into Paititi and the significance of the Pantiacolla plateau since the 1950's.
We were unable to raise funds sufficient for a helicopter, so we found ourselves following branches of the main trail that traverses the Paucartambo Mountains, down to the jungles of Callanga, southeast of Mameria, where we investigated potential sites that were spotted from the air by Dr. Neuenschwander years before.
We found the very rough and decayed remains of an ancient Incan, as well as an apparently pre-Incan habitation, and we made a first ascent of another legendary tropical peak, known as "Llaqtapata".
On our way back through the remote and dusty highlands of the Cordillera de Lares/Lacco that overlooks the Río Paucartambo/Mapacho, we passed through impressive and finely constructed Incan sites such as Tambocancha and Uncayoc, which must have at one time guarded these routes.

Gregory Deyermejian (far left) on one of his numerous quests for Paititi (Photo By Javier Zardoya)

By 1999, we were in a position to take a helicopter from Cusco, North to the Plateau of Pantiacolla, thanks to our additional alliance with German film maker Heinz von Matthey.
We left the helicopter at the furthest point that we had followed as far as we could in 1993. We passed a relatively elaborate Incan retaining wall above the trail, then descended to the headwaters of the Río Timpía.
Over the course of the next week we saw that the rough and totally overgrown trail continued ever downward, through the increasingly broken and precipitous territory of the valley of the Timpía.
It was easier to follow the river itself, with its raging waters and huge slippery boulders and logs, than to try to directly follow the totally overgrown and uprooted remnant of a trail clinging to the valley wall a few hundred meters above.

Thierry Jamin during an expedition in the National Park of Manú, a delicate passage on an undiscovered river. (Photo by Thierry Jamin)

After having climbed now upriver, up and out of the cloud forest, to emerge back at the high alturas where we had begun, we soon ran into some wandering vaqueros, cowboys, who had driven the cattle to these lonely grasslands for unlimited grazing.
From them we learned of an enchanted lake shaped like a figure "8", astride ancient ruins, in a perpetually rainy and cold area to the northwest.
Thanks to the preternatural sense of direction of my long-term expedition partner, Paulino Mamani, as well as my GPS and an aerial photography generated map which showed such an unnamed lake in the area we approached, we found it.
And here were a series of low Incan platforms and retaining walls, which, along with the remnants of Incan trail and retaining wall closer to the Timpía, constitute the furthest Incan remains yet found directly north of the Incan capital of Cusco.

In the valley of Lacco,Thierry Jamin's expedition team transports supplies. (Photo by Thierry Jamin)
It is here that an unnamed mountain range overlooks the Río Yungaria, a tributary of the Callanga, in the tangled jungles between the zone of Mameria to the north and that of Callanga to the south.
I saw the beginnings of this isolated tropical range in 1994, when, from the confluence of the Río Yungaria and the Río Callanga, where Paulino and I were searching for some gigantic terraces that Dr. Neuenschwander had spotted years before from the air, I marveled at how precipitously the territory behind the Yungaria soared upward and away from the river, beyond sight.
Then in 1995, from a high perch on the eastern edge of the Andes, as we were ascending from the valley of the headwaters of the Callanga to the highlands to the west, I caught a glimpse of the mighty peaks of this strange massif, which seemed to reach to a height quite uncommon for tropical mountains out beyond the Andes: while the entire range was enveloped in what appeared to be a thick mantle of green vegetation, the actual peaks were shrouded in what appeared to be perpetual cloud around the summits. Adjacent areas, as described by long-time Paititi seeker, Padre Juan Carlos Polentini, are said to harbor the extensive ancient stone ruins that could be the legendary Paititi."
NOTE: Some portions of Greg Deyermenjian's writings have not been edited due to space restrictions. Visit complete manuscript here.
Even civilian explorers like California based adventurer and photographer Fernando S. Gallegos have been inspired to explore the area.
His detailed and fascinating account of reaching Pusharo, deep in the Amazonian jungle after surviving tarantula swarms and being stranded in torrential rains, shows exactly how arduous and dangerous the journey is.
I asked Fernando what compelled him to take such dangerous journeys and he explained:
"I want to rekindle that forgotten sense of curiosity that we all seem to lose when we enter adulthood.
The thought of discovering some physical link to that part of our imagination we deem as unrealistic or impossible is motivation enough to reassure myself that perhaps some greater beyond all expectation still exists out there waiting to be found."

Explorer Fernando S. Gallegosstanding by the Pusharo petroglyphs along with his guides (photo by Fernando Gallegos)

In my exclusive interview with famed French explorer Thierry Jamin, I was able to get the most updated information as to the next steps in discovering Paititi later this year.
What are your plans for discovering the Lost City of Paititi this summer?
For about twenty years, my team and I dedicated our searches on the tracks of the permanent presence of the Incas in Amazonian forest. We looked for their main center of population: the lost city of Paititi. Since 1998, we have completed about twenty expeditions in the southeast of Peru.
In 2009, we ventured into a lost valley, North of Cusco:
the valley of Lacco.
In Quechua, the word "lacco" means "labyrinth", or "the place where we get lost".
Accompanied by archaeologists from the Ministry of Culture, we were surprised to discover numerous unknown archaeological sites of the modern archaeology: fortresses, small centers of agricultural production, several necropolises and complete cities populated with hundreds of buildings.
These were real "Pompeii Amazonians"! From 2009 till 2013, we continued to discover more than forty complete sites.
Situated on original Incan stone paths, these lost cities seem to lead to the north of Cusco, towards the National Sanctuary of Megantoni. This sanctuary shelters one of the most difficult to access forests in South America. It is the cradle of the Matsiguengas Indians, with whom we have a very good relationship.
Since 2010, several Matsiguengas Indians told us about the existence of a strange mountain, at the top of which would hide the ruins of an old stony city: the legendary city of Paititi. During several years, we tried to locate this mysterious mountain.
Then, in June, 2012, the French company Astrium helped us obtain a series of satellite photos of exploration zone. In certain photos, we localized a very strange mountain of square shape, one thousand meters aside.
We would say a cube, in the heart of the forest, encircled by abysms of a several hundred meters deep.
A site apparently very strategic, easy to defend and impossible to invade.

In the National park of Manú,three young Matsiguengas women of the native community of Mameria. ©Photo : Thierry Jamin

A hundred meters west of this mountain, two twin lakes and a mysterious square lake, seem to confirm the testimonies of the Matsiguengas. All of the legendary traditions assert that Paititi was built near such extents of water.
We tried to reach this mountain in 2011 in vain and then, in 2012, new discoveries in Machu Picchu took away from our search for Paititi. But in 2013 and 2014, other expeditions allowed us to approach our goal of only a few kilometers.
The jungle of Megantoni is dangerous and very difficult to access, especially for a team moving with important supplies. Our diverse expeditions have not allowed us yet to reach the ruins of the lost city.
Nevertheless, the Matsiguengas Indians are convinced: it is at the top of this "well cut" mountain that hide the vestiges of the queen of the South American lost cities.

Ancient map describing location of the Secret City

Tell me about your expedition to that area this year?
We have prepared our next exploration with the objective of reaching the "square mountain" and the lakes by helicopter.
After several unfortunate attempts, we arrived at the conclusion that the helicopter is the only way to reach this zone. If we manage to finance this operation, the expedition will take place in July. It should last three weeks.
We plan to explore the mountain in great detail, but also the lakes, thanks to the use of a ROV (automatic soumarin robot) and with professional divers. Several professional archaeologists will also participate in the operation.
The probability to discover an important archaeological site, of the scale of Machu Picchu, hidden at the top of this mysterious mountain is very big.
I am convinced that we shall soon experience the discovery of Paititi.
Critics have commented that further exploration to these remote indigenous communities will bring disease and cause harm. How do you respond to their criticism?
Communities of the uncontacted Kuga Pakuris Indians live in the Sanctuary of Megantoni, but not in the area we are exploring, which is very difficult to access.
These Indians live in the hunting areas. The area of the "square mountain" is surrounded by vertical walls of nearly a thousand meters high and Kuga Pakuris never go to that area. We are in permanent contact with Matsiguenga of Megantoni tribes, who participate in our expeditions.
This area is part of their territory, rather than the "uncontacted" tribes.
All of our search campaigns are carried out within a legal framework, with the permission and participation of Peruvian authorities (Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Environment - SERNANP)

The French explorer Thierry Jamin, near a chullpa, or funeral tower, in the Inca necropolis of Puccro,valley of Lacco. Photo Thierry JAMIN, 2009.

Can't you just fly over the area and use modern radar LIDAR technology rather than disturbing the environment?
It would be quite possible to use the radar technology, such as LIDAR.
But they are still very expensive for us. And nothing beats field research. The radars cannot perform the exploration in underwater lakes. This is the essence of archaeological research.
On the ground, we use modern technology: GPS, drones, ROV, endoscopic cameras, scanners, etc. And this we can only do on the ground.
The purpose of the operation "Paititi 2016" is to reach the famous "square mountain" by air, with the use of a helicopter. We have never tried that approach before. We want to spread the legend of Paititi through science.
We need science and professional archaeologists to reach the lost city BEFORE the huaqueros or treasure hunters arrive.

In the North of the National Sanctuary of Megantoni, the satellite Pleiades located a strange quadrangular formation of one thousand meters near a mysterious square lake and near twin lakes. The Natives of the region assure that Paititi hides at the top of this mountain. (Photo by Astrium – CNES)
This is the challenge of our research.
We know, for example, that a Spanish team visited last September, near the Sanctuary of Megantoni without any permit, in search of Paititi. They are unfortunately not the only ones.
Our satellite images of the "square mountain" were widely disseminated. Other adventurers, unscrupulous, may try to reach the area clandestinely in search of the legendary gold.
Science must discover the site of Paititi first and return this great historical and archaeological treasure to the hands of the World Heritage Site.
This is the challenge of our 2016 exploration."

Rock face carving by Indians (Photo by Fernando S. Gallegos)

1600: Missionary Andres Lopez discovers Paititi and writes to the Vatican about his findings.
1925: Percy Harrison Fawcett, the inspiration for "Indiana Jones" attempts first exploration to the area. The archaeologist and South American explorer, along with his eldest son disappeared under unknown circumstances during an expedition to find "Z" – his name for the ancient lost city. Brad Pitt is currently shooting the film "The Lost City of Z" about Fawcett's adventure and life.
1954: Hitler's photographer Hans Ertl discovered many Pre-Columbian sites and claimed to have discovered Plato's Atlantis in the Bolivian Altiplano. The Nazi propaganda cinematographer exiled to Bolivia where he went on to shoot the expedition documentary "Paititi".
1958: Peruvian explorer Carlos Neuenschwander Landa led multiple expeditions in search of Paititi. He discovered the Inca stone path, located in the mountains of Paucartambo, and was the first person to describe, document and disseminate Hualla fortress located in the rural area of Calca. In his expeditions he has concentrated on the plateau where he sought the city of Paititi. He eventually wrote the book "Paititi in the mists of History."
1970-2002: Carlos Neuenschwander Landa organizes several expeditions in the national park of Manú in search of the lost city. They land by helicopter at the petroglyphs of Pusharo.
1971: A French-American expedition led by Bob Nichols, Serge Debru and Georges Puel travelled up the Rio Pantiacolla from Shintuya in search of Paititi. The party's guides left after a 30 day agreement expired, and though the three continued on, they never returned. In 1972 Japanese explorer Yoshiharu Sekino contacted Machiguenga Indians in the area and confirmed that the expedition members had been killed by Indians.
1979: French-Peruvian couple Nicole and Herbert Cartagena discover the ruins of Mameria. For the first time, researchers discover inca ruins in Amazonia. This discovery constitutes the first scientific proof of the presence of Paititi.
1984-2011: Various expeditions led by Gregory Deyermenjian. These included the documentation of Incan remains in Mameria, the exploration and documentation of the petroglyphs at Pusharo, exploration and documentation of Manu's Pyramids of Paratoari, and others.
1997: Norwegian biologist Lars Hafskjold set out to discover the ancient tribe of Toromona, the origins of the Paititi legend. He disappeared somewhere in the unexplored parts of Bolivia and has never been found.
2001: The Kota Mama II expedition led by John Blashford-Snell located some significant ancient ruins in the jungle east of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia which are believed to be identical to those discovered earlier by Hans Ertl.
2001: French explorer Thierry Jamin investigated the site of Pantiacolla. The pyramids are in fact natural formations but Jamin discovered several Inca artefacts in the same area.
2002: Polish explorer Jacek Pałkiewicz undertook an expedition under the patronage of the government of Peru upstream on the Madre de Dios River in search of Paititi. He eventually became famous for locating the source of the Amazon River. He subsequently wrote several novels on his explorations including El Dorado, Hunting the Legend.
2004: "Quest for Paititi" exploration team of Gregory Deyermenjian and Ignacio Mamani discovered several important Inca ruins along branches of the Inca Road of Stone at the peak known as Último Punto in the northern part of the Pantiacolla region of Peru.
2005: Thierry Jamin and French-Peruvian Herbert Cartagena studied Pusharo petroglyphs and discovered large geoglyphs in a valley nearby. They reportedly found a "map" showing where Paititi might be located. Further expeditions were set up in the following years.
2009-2011: Various expeditions by Italian researcher Yuri Leveratto who reached one of the Pyramids of Pantiacolla.
2009-2013: Thierry Jamin and his group explores the valleys of Lacco, Chunchusmayo and Cusirini, in the North of the department of Cusco, on the tracks of Paititi. Accompanied by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, they bring to light forty archeological sites, including Hualla Mocco, Torre Mocco, Lucma Cancha, Llactapata, Apucatina, Pantipallana and Chaupichullo.
2011: British expedition to investigate the Pyramids of Paratoari with Kenneth Gawne, Lewis Knight, Ken Halfpenny, I. Gardiner and Darwin Moscoso as part of the documentary "The Secret of the Incas."
2014: TV host Josh Gates and Gregory Deyermenjian searched for Paititi while filming "Expedition Unknown" for the Travel Channel. They were forced to return after running out of supplies.
2015: Paititi documentary directed by Michel Gomez, for the Peruvian national channel Latina based on Thierry Jamin's book "The Adventurer of the Lost City"
2016: Thierry Jamin will fly with helicopter research teams to further explore the newly discovered possible location of Paititi.

Fernando Gallegos along the Amazon river in search of Paititi (Photo by Fernando S. Gallegos)

Ancient "Lost City" Discovered in Peru
- Official Claims - by Kelly Hearn January 16, 2008 from NationalGeographic Website

Cut stones (top) and masonry walls (bottom) recently discovered in southern Peru could be the ruins of the legendary \"lost city\" of Paititi, according to the mayor of the town where the site were found. Archaeologists are being sent to the site to investigate the claim. Source

Ruins recently discovered in southern Peru could be the ancient "lost city" of Paititi, according to claims that are drawing serious but cautious response from experts.
The presumptive lost city, described in written records as a stone settlement adorned with gold statues, has long been a grail for explorers - as well as a lure for local tourism businesses.
A commonly cited legend claims that Paititi was built by the Inca hero Inkarri, who founded the city of Cusco before retreating into the jungle after Spanish conquerors arrived.
On January 10 Peru's state news agency reported that "an archaeological fortress" had been discovered in the district of Kimbiri and that the district's mayor suggested it was the lost city.
Mayor Guillermo Torres described the ruins as a 430,000-square-foot (40,000-square-meter) fortification near an area known as Lobo Tahuantinsuyo.
Few other details about the site were offered, but initial reports described elaborately carved stone structures forming the base of a set of walls.
The state media report quotes Torres as saying the area will be "immediately declared" a cultural tourism site.
Officials from the Peruvian government's Cusco-based National Institute of Culture (INC) met with Torres on Tuesday, according to Francisco Solís, an INC official.
"It is far too early to make any definitive judgments," Solís told National Geographic News. "We are going to dispatch a team to investigate."
Officials expect more details to emerge in the coming days, he said.
Legend of Paititi
Paititi is believed to have been located somewhere east of the Andes Mountains in the rain forest of southeastern Peru, southwestern Brazil, or northern Bolivia.
In 1600 a missionary reported seeing a large "city of gold" in the region where Paititi is believed to have been built, according to archival records discovered by an Italian archaeologist in 2001.
However, the location of the newfound site falls counter to where historical records indicate Paititi should be, Solís said.
Officials were nonetheless intrigued by the possibilities, he added.
The first task will be to determine if the newfound ruins are the work of the Inca or pre-Inca ethnic groups, Solís said.
Gregory Deyermenjian, a U.S.-based psychologist and explorer who has led many expeditions to investigate the Paititi legend, said many people in the tourism-rich region of Cusco have embraced the legend as a business promotion.
But he said the claims could have merit, as there are still many important sites to be found.
"It is a bit off the beaten path but still within the Inca's reach," Deyermenjian said. "I'm very interested to know more."
Daniel Gade, professor emeritus in geography at the University of Vermont, cautioned about jumping to conclusions.
"Paititi is frequently the first thing people mention when something like this is found," Gade said, adding that there are many ruins in the jungle regions of the area.
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2020.01.13 21:42 PlusItsABummer I am 24, work as a paralegal in New York, NY, and this is a travel diary to Colombia (Bogota, Cartagena, Sal!

(Title got cut off - should say to Bogota, Cartagena, and Salento)
I’m so sorry this is late!! It took much longer to put together and write than I thought it would. I don’t see travel diaries on here that often, but hopefully there's an audience for it!
Assets and Debt
Savings: $4,000 - some saved at my job in college, some saved from my current job (I’ve only been working for about five months. Prior to my current job, I was a long-term volunteer, living off a modest stipend.)
Checking - $2,000 - currently
Retirement Balance - nothing - I plan to be in this job for a short time before going to law school. My job does not offer any sort of match.
Equity - none
Credit Card Debt - none
Student loan debt - none (I received a full tuition scholarship to my undergrad, and my parents paid for room/board.)
Monthly Take Home: around $3,000
Rent: $907.50 (I live with two roommates. The random $2.50 is due to a fee to pay online. I have the largest room and pay the most.)
Utilites (electric/gas): around $30
Wifi: $16.66
Phone: on parents’ plan
Subway: $127.00
Subscriptions: NYTimes, Apple Music, and Apple Storage: $19.28
Savings Contribution: I try to save $1000 a month. I’ve hit the goal a few times since I started this job, but have fallen short other times. The savings are for travel and for a bit of cushion once I start law school – which I will be financing with loans.

My location: Brooklyn, NY
Trip Length: 12 days
Travel Companions: R and L. R also lives in New York and L has been living in South America for the past two years. This is something of a reunion for all of us. We became a group of friends by doing the same long-term volunteer program in different places around the world (though R and I were friends through college before), and always talked about doing a trip together once we all finished. I still can’t believe it’s actually happening.
Flights -
(1) Roundtrip JFK to El Dorado, Bogotá - Delta - $672.15. I think I got a great deal on this for flights around New Year’s. I checked flights constantly for a couple weeks, and when these showed up, I bought them immediately. (We did not commit to the trip location until October, so I was perhaps looking late.) I did have to sacrifice time - I arrive at midnight, and coming back, I’ll arrive at 7 am and go to work the same day. But they’re nonstop and saving $300 was worth it.
(2) Bogotá to Cartagena - $143.50, VivaAir, but I used points from Capital One
(3) Cartagena to Pereira - $99.80, VivaAir, but I used points from Capital One
(4) Pereira to Bogotá - $66.30, VivaAir, but I used points from Capital One
Total: $672.15 (but would’ve been 981.75)
Airbnb in Cartagena - $116.70, split three ways, so $38.90. This is for four nights.
Hostel in Cartagena - $138.56. Four nights, including New Year’s, which is wildly expensive.
Hostel in Salento - $50.63. Three nights.
Total: $338.09
Miscellaneous Pre-Vacation Spending:
I spent about $20 at Target on travel sized toiletries. Normally I would transfer my products to travel containers, but I was running low on most of my stuff anyway and I also needed to buy things specifically for the trip (sun screen, moisturizer, and hair product).
Total: $20.00
Thursday, 12/26
8:00 - I get up after lounging in bed for awhile. This morning, I need to shower and finish packing a bit, before my mom takes me to the train station. Today is all travel - I’m currently at my family’s home in PA for Christmas. First, I’ll take a train to Penn Station, get the subway to my apartment in Brooklyn, have an hour and a half to pack for real, and then make my way to JFK for my 6 pm flight. I start with a loooong shower, as I haven’t properly shaved since it dropped below 60 degrees in New York.
10:00 - My mom and I get to the train station with just enough time for me to pop into Wawa across the street for breakfast. I wish Wawa would come to New York. I get a coffee mixed with hot chocolate and a veggie breakfast sandwich. It’s about $5, but I use a just-received gift card and don’t save the receipt. I give my mom the rest of the gift card ($25 originally) when I get in the car, because my aunt forgot that I don’t live near Wawas.
10:18 - Train is perfectly on time for once. Time to check in with our Airbnb for tonight and confirm travel details with my friends, R and L. Also I remember to set up a travel alert on my debit card.
12:15 - Arrive to New York. I still struggle to factor in that it actually takes me three hours to get back to my apartment from home because of the subway ride after the train.
1:05 - back in my apartment!! I get straight to work, unpacking, packing, and cleaning my stuff a bit, since one of my roommates will be hosting people for New Year’s Eve.
3:00 - in the middle of packing, I get an alert that my flight is delayed until 7:35 (from 6:10). Glad I heard early, but I end up leaving at 3 anyway because there’s no food in my apartment, so I might as well wait at the airport.
3:45 - get to the JFK Airtrain. I use a monthly card, so I have to add funds to take the Airtrain ($7.75).
5:00 - get through the Delta line and TSA, before stopping to buy a pho dish from Canal Street Noodles. Pretty good, but the spicy broth is making my eyes stream ($13.60). I ask a woman nearby to watch my stuff while I run (20 feet away) to fill up my water bottle.
7:00 - I spend the time talking to my mom and a good friend on the phone. Around this time, they start calling for volunteers to give up their seat to fly two days later. They need 14 volunteers and they’re offering *2,200* per person!! If I wasn’t meeting my friends, I would definitely take it. Two days later and it would pay for the whole trip. I can’t believe they overbooked by that many.
7:45 - on the flight!
1:30 am next day - I spent the flight watching Spiderman: Far From Home and Hustlers. Haven’t seen either and enjoyed both! However, watching hustlers on a plane was a bit of an awkward experience. I also ate a dinner provided by Delta - veggie wrap, grapes, and a chocolate square. Pretty good for plane food!
Anyway, we land at 1:20. Off the plane 1:40. Through customs at 2:45 (feels so long). In a taxi at 2:55 ($20.95 — this was steep, but I did a van inside the airport because it was so late at night and I didn’t know the city at all). This van has a tv screen inside it where a GPS map would go. The driver is watching music videos, and old school Britney Spears comes on. Am I in a fever dream? At the Airbnb at 3:30. Have to leave at 6 to meet R from the airport.
Daily Total: $42.30
Friday, 12/27
5:45 am - L’s alarm goes off and we stumble through putting clothes on. L arranged for a taxi driver last night to get us at 6, bring us to the airport, and then wait while we get R, and bring us back up from the airport (R has not had a reason to practice her Spanish in several years). This taxista is really nice and is giving us tips for Bogota. R walks out of customs 10 minutes after we get there and we get back in the cab. We are all giddy to see each other - it’s been 2.5 years since we were all together. We’re also exhausted. We get back to the room around 7:30 I think and all go to sleep. Total for taxi was $27.43, I paid $6.10 (R insisted on paying more because it was for her.)
9:45 - I’m up and hungry. I eat some chocolate and take a quick body shower. No one else is awake and I know we’re all exhausted, so I chill on the balcony for a bit. I look up some places to go in our neighborhood. Around 10:30, I wake up L and we find a coffee shop to go to, because L really wants to explore the coffee scene. We wake up R reluctantly and all head out around 11:30.
12:00 - We walk to Bourbon Coffee (we’re staying on the outer edge of Chapinero). None of their food looks that good to me and I’m having a jittery stomach from lack of sleep, so I just get a bono de queso, which is a bread ball with cheese kind of worked into it. So delicious ($1.16). We spent a bit there, catching up and relaxing. R gets eggs and a croissant, L gets a sandwich and coffee.
1:00 - After we finish, we make our way through central Chapinero, heading to Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Lourdes. Its a beautiful basilica. I’m looking for more food, but don’t see anything that catches my eye. R and I especially keep going in and out of exhaustion. We decide to go shopping, because L hasn’t had access to a mall in two years, and because we need an adjustment day. We take an Uber to the Andino Shopping Center, which is wayyy fancier than expected. I think it’s one of the nicer malls in the city. We explore many different stores, trying on some stuff. We’re all looking for a New Year’s Eve outfit for Cartagena, where people normally wear white. We stop at the food court, because I’m super hungry at this point, and go to Archie’s. We get a medium margarita pizza, two bottles of water, a strawberry juice, and a limonada de maracuya. (All together, $18.06, but $7.33 my share.) Perfect for a quick lunch. On our way out of the food court, I buy a paleta (one of my Latin American obsessions) - I get Greek yogurt and kiwi ($1.77).
L ends up buying some shirts from American Eagle and some jeans from Levi’s. R buys jeans from a somewhere I don’t remember the name of. R and I are dead on our feet by the end, so we get an Uber back to our apartment around 5:45.
6:30 - We’re at the apartment. Laying around gives us all more energy and we try to find some dinner. Bogota has a huge food scene, but we didn’t plan ahead enough to make any reservations. L really wants to go to a top-reviewed restaurant. We look through a few places and call a few before making a reservation at Tábula. We make the reservation for 8:30 and all get ready.
7:45 - take an Uber to the restaurant. The side roads here need a lot of work and there are a lot of steep inclines. Our driver keeps struggling up the roads, voicing his concerns and struggling. It’s a funny but also kind of tense ride. We get to the restaurant and settle in.
10:30 - what an incredible meal! It’s a tapas/sharing style and we went all out. We got a cheese spread, arepas, fish croquettes, shrimp and pork casserole, marinated yucca, and as a main, lasagna (I think I’m forgetting something). We also split a bottle of wine - Senatore Primo - and got the Swiss roll dessert (brazo de reina). The only thing I wouldn’t recommend was the dessert. Also the lasagna is probably not their star main. But mostly everything was delicious, the restaurant was pretty, and we had a fantastic time. For all that - only $35 a person!
We got an Uber home and are asleep by 11:15.
Daily Total: $51.36
Saturday, 12/28
8:15 - wake up naturally and spend some time writing the diary for yesterday. Everyone slowly wakes up and I decide to hop in the shower. When I exit, I open the sliding glass door and the entire door shatters when it hits the wall!! I swear it didn’t hit the wall hard at all, I have no idea how it happened. I already have cuts on my hands and feet, and stay standing on one foot while calling for my friends. I get a towel on and they bring me sandals to walk across the bathroom. We have a little kitchen sink, which I sit in while L runs down to tell the front desk and get bandaids. We clean my wounds - not bad at all considering how much glass broke - and some cleaning women come and clean the bathroom. They’re incredibly nice and thankfully have protective gear. Later, the hosts ask us to move rooms as a safety precaution. We move a couple floors down. They also say I might have to pay for the door, but they’re going to check for me.
After such a hectic morning, we don’t get going until 11:15 or so. We head out and get an Uber to the Candelaria area. (L paid for all the Ubers because she had service on her phone. I don’t know what each were individually, but will put a total at the end. We only took Ubers in Bogota.)
12:30 - we eat breakfast/lunch at Hibiscus Restaurante, which has incredibly cheap meals. I get the menu del día vegetariano, and it comes with great quinoa cakes. I also get hot chocolate with cheese, which is a popular snack here. I like the cheese, it’s like queso fresco, and it doesn’t taste bad in the hot chocolate, but I’m not sure I totally get it. I’ll have to try again. ($4.80)
We walk around for a bit. I buy a journal for my roommate ($7.50). L buys me band aids and I pay her back ($0.29). We walk up to Monserrate. After some confusion in line, I buy three round trip tickets for the cable car. They’re running a promotion, so if you go up after 2:30 and return before 8:30, there’s a sale ($3.66).
Monserrate is beautiful and worth the ride up. On top, everyone is so friendly, and we’re able to talk to a family from Cartagena, who gives us recommendations for when we’re there in a few days. We take a lot of pictures and enjoy the view, before heading back down. We stop for fresh potato chips and plantain chips at the base of the cable car ($1.20).
I read online that a great restaurant in La Candelaria (the neighborhood Monserrate is in) is La Puerta Falsa. It’s Anthony Bourdain approved and when we get there, we see it’s small and full, so we trust it. We have to wait on line outside for 15 minutes and there’s someone playing the cello beautifully - I put some money in her hat ($0.60). Inside, I get a soup called La Changla, which is one of the best soups I’ve ever had. It’s an onion soup, full of bread, cheese rolls, and two boiled eggs. It’s incredible, and so rich. L and R split a tamale and we all split hot chocolate with cheese and some juices (my share - $4.90).
We walk around the Plaza Bolivar after and then get an Uber back. We’re pretty tired, but it’s only 6 pm and we want to go out tonight. We get back to our apartment and relax in bed, call some mutual friends, and just hang out.
Around 9:30 I think, we head out. We’re not sure exactly where to go, but we keep passing a nice area of Chapinero, so we head there. The only thing we see open is BBC - Bogota Beer Company, which is so ubiquitous, it seems like the Starbucks of craft beer here. R and L both get beers, but I don’t drink beer, so I get a rum and coke. We also split mozzarella sticks (my share - $8.00). We sit talking and close this bar down at midnight. Bogota has been pretty empty and there’s no one out. L asks the waiter where we should go for more people, and he says that because it’s holiday time there’s not a lot of people around, which we’ve heard a couple times. He recommends we go to Zona T.
Once outside, we can’t decide what to do. We flip a coin to decide Zona T or home. It lands on home, but L seems so disappointed, so we do two out of three. It lands on home again, but we all agree to go out more - proving the real point of a coin flip is to force you to admit what you want. We take an Uber to Zona T, and walk around before deciding on El Irish Pub. It’s pretty busy and one of us is super Irish, so why not? We sit outside under heat lamps, which is perfect for the night air. L and I get lulo mojitos and R gets a beer (my share - $8.70). (I’m realizing now how overpriced drinking is.) We talk the night away and head out at 3 when the bar closes.
Daily Total: $39.05
Sunday, 12/29
9:45 am - I sadly wake up . Our sleep schedule is so out of whack here. I take a shower and thankfully don’t break the door. We have a slow morning and head out around 11:30. L found a breakfast place by the famous chef Leo Espinosa (check her out, she seems really cool). It’s called Misia. We all get egg arepas, and I also get patacones and coconut juice (the others got juice and empanadas). We split a flan dessert (My share - $10.09). The arepas are incredibly delicious.
We’re heading to Catedral de Sal today! We had thought about arranging transportation ahead of time (because it’s an hour and a half away), but Uber has been so lovely, we decide to just use that. We figure that if no one accepts the ride, we can call the taxista we used before. Someone does accept, but he seems shocked when he learns where we’re going! It seems like they don’t know what it will be before they accept. He’s incredibly nice though and says it’s no problem, even though we offer to get out. When we get there, I tip him $6.00 on top of my share of $9.95.
2:30 I forgot to mention, I bought the tickets this morning for the Cathedral! They are $17.98 each, and come with an audio guide. We arrive and head down into the mines. The audio guide is incredibly informative and the mines are beautiful. Look up the cathedral, it’s really incredible - hundreds of feet underground, they carved huge salt mines and created a cathedral inside. As we leave, I buy a salt crystal candle - not sure who for yet! ($6.70) I also buy a paleta outside the cathedral - frutas rojas - $1.79.
5:00 - we leave the cathedral and head to a large mall we passed on the way - Funular - in an Uber. I don’t think any of us are thrilled about the amount of time we’re spending in malls, but we do want these white outfits for New Year’s. The Uber driver on the way asks if we’re nervous traveling as just three women - I don’t think he meant anything by it - but I listen in amusement as L creates an elaborate backstory about her family in Colombia. Her Spanish is like a native, so it’s believable.
At the mall, R and L both buy their outfits, but I just can’t find anything worth buying. I just don’t want to waste money on something I’ll never wear again. I do buy sunglasses at H&M because I didn’t bring any. ($7.59)
We head from the mall to Andres Carne de Res in a taxi ($1.42 my share). This is one of the most famous restaurants around Bogota, and we wanted to go to the one in Chia, because it’s supposed to be better. It’s massive, with eclectic decorations everywhere, and a dance floor in the middle, that is constantly occupied. We enjoy the vibes and dance a bit. We split empanadas and arepas (these ones are more similar to tostadas, covered in different toppings), and I get the vegetarian bean dish, that comes with avocado, rice, and plantains. L gets the same but with meat and R gets a filet mignon. No drinking tonight, but L and I both get hierbabuenas, a mint lemonade. My share is $18.05 (I still can’t get over how cheap!).
We head out around 9:30 in an Uber and get home around 10:30. We all fall asleep pretty quickly.
Daily Total: $79.57
Monday, 12/30
8:00 - I wake up at a much more normal time for me. I lounge around for a bit and call my mom from the balcony. Around 9:30, we head down to breakfast in the apartment. I get scrambled eggs, with bread, juice, and hot chocolate. Very satisfying. ($3.60)
We realize at 10:20 that check out is 11, not 11:30, so it’s a mad dash to pack and shower. We get everything together and head downstairs at 10:55. We then get an Uber to the hotel that L and R are staying in on our last night in Bogota (my flight is the night before). L has all her stuff from the last couple years, so she’s going to leave that here and just bring a backpack. She called ahead and they’re fine with that. We leave there around 11:30 and head to the airport in an Uber. (Okay, all the Uber costs split three ways were $19.02 a person! I excluded the one long Uber price which I noted above. Crazy cheap considering how often we took them!)
We’re taking VivaAir, which is a budget airline that has strict requirements about luggage. I already decided last night to check the carry on rolling suitcase I have with me, so I paid online ($20.16). We realize in line that R’s backpack won’t count as a personal bag, so she pays to check it - it’s sadly more expensive at the counter. They want to make me charge my backpack too, but I shove it down into the container enough that they let me count it as a personal item. L’s bag is questionable, but she just avoids the line and is fine (we printed the tickets earlier).
In the airport, we all get lunch. I get Papa Johns (I know, I know, but after walking around, it just sounds the best). It’s $5.97 for a personal, veggie pizza.
2:30 - We get through security quickly and smoothly get on the flight. I take the down time to write this diary!
4:15 - It is HOT! Cartagena is 90 degrees, 80% humidity, and you feel it when the plane door opens. We wait for a bit to get my checked bag, and then get in the taxi line. It’s a quick ride to our hostel (my share - $1.44), where we have to pay before checking in (price noted above). R and I also rent towels ($1.53). The cost is incredibly high compared to Bogota, but Cartagena is the place to be for New Year’s. We’re in a four person dorm room, but our fourth roommate isn’t here right now. We change and head out to explore the city.
Cartagena is beautiful! We’re staying in Getsemani, which is close to the Walled City. Getsemani is a destination in its own right, but when we get to the Walled City, I’m blown away. The architecture is outstanding, and everything is decorated for Christmas/the New Year. Along the way, we buy paletas (mine - $1.52 - watermelon this time!). We spend the rest of the evening shopping. I think we’ve gotten a little too obsessed with finding white - especially knowing most of the tourists won’t know this tradition. Either way, it seems like one of the major things to do here is shop and we give in. I finally buy white pants at Azulu, and I also find a pair of red and black floor-length, flowy pants that I have to buy. The white pants are beautiful and light weight, in a kind of harem style. They’re more expensive than I’d like, but I bite the bullet - both pants together are $123.86. R finds another white dress and L finds a white shirt. Truly none of us shop this much normally, and we keep laughing about what this trip has done to us.
Eventually, around 9, we decide to eat a little. L gets a street arepa, R gets pizza, and I get a vegetarian arepa from a really popular place in Getsemani. This is my first open-face arepa here, which is the kind I’ve had in New York. Delicious, but dry - $2.43. I also get a strawberry juice - $1.98.
We go to bed around 11, knowing tomorrow will be a late night!
Daily Total: $181.51
Tuesday, 12/31 (Okay, to be honest, this is the point where I stopped updating while on the trip, and wrote it all after. I don’t know what time we did almost anything.)
We wake up leisurely and get the included breakfast in the hostel. By the way, we’re staying at Casa del Pozo. The breakfast is pretty good, consisting of fruit, juice, and eggs or pancakes. We decide to make our way to the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, which is an old fortress (entrance - $7.70). The walk there is long and hot, but we buy water on the way (L pays, I get the next round). The fortress is massive and it’s fun to see Cartagena from the top. I am sweating buckets though, from what feels like every pore on my body.
We head out from the fortress and back toward Getsemani. We stop at a Juan Valdez (like Starbucks), and I get a frozen chai ($3.03). We use the Wi-Fi for a bit and head out. Our goal is to go to La Cevicheria today, which is a famous seafood restaurant in Cartagena. We read that it opens at 1, and the line gets long, so we’re hoping to get there early.
On the way to La Cevicheria, we stop at Hostel Mamallena, which has a shuttle service to Playa Blanca (a popular beach here). Some blogs online recommend it as a good day option and cheaper than paying for a guided tour. We book our round trip spots ($15.41) for January 2nd. I also buy a round of waters for us ($1.54 for three water bottles).
All of the water we’re drinking is going straight out our skin, I swear. The boob sweat is by far the worst. Anyway, we make it to La Cevicheria, and discover a huge line! The restaurant has definitely been open for hours - so much for google information. We put our name on the waitlist and are told to come back in two and a half hours - they also take our number to send us a WhatsApp message when it’s ready. We head back into the heat.
Only solution for this heat? Another paleta - $1.79. This time I get La Selva Negra - chocolate and cherry. We walk around a bit and L ends up buying another white shirt. It doesn’t fit perfectly, but the store attendants say that they can customize it in the next hour! They make some notes and tell us to come back soon. We wander around, and end up back at a store that we really enjoyed the day prior. Before I know what’s happening, I’m trying on a blue, lightweight maxi dress and buying it. It’s all R’s fault, we came back for her to buy a romper. I love this dress though, no regrets ($85.14).
After picking up L’s custom shirt, we finally head back to La Cevicheria, but they’re not quite ready. We feel lucky to even be getting to eat there though, since they’re now turning everyone away, saying they’re full for the day (it’s only 3:30). We duck into a little bar nearby to get some drinks while we wait. I get white wine sangria ($7.31). We don’t finish before the restaurant is calling us, but the bar just pours the drinks into to-go cups for us, and away we go!
Lunch/dinner at La Cevicheria is phenomenal. I get a mango shrimp ceviche, that is incredibly delicious. L and I split a huge paella-style dish, with lobster and shrimp, all in a light tomato sauce with parmesan. There is genuinely lobster or shrimp in every single bite. I haven’t had a seafood in a long time, so this is indulgent to the max, but I am loving it. We ordered way too much, but thankfully there is a fridge at our hostel where we can store leftovers. My share is $43.00. Most expensive meal of the trip, but so, so good.
We head home after this to get ready for New Year’s Eve! On the way, we stop for some beer and Smirnoff Ice (so college, but I don’t like beer and this was the only equivalent!). I don’t pay for this round, but get the next. We chill by the tiny pool at our hostel for a bit before showering and getting ready. We take our time, knowing we have a long night ahead, but are still ready by 8 pm. We had planned to go to a buffet our hostel was hosting, but learned that it is at another hostel in the opposite direction. Since none of us are hungry, we skip and head straight for the Walled City. We buy another round of Smirnoff and beer on the way, that I pay for. ($6.16)
It is a party atmosphere!! However, it seems like the thing to do right now is go to a pre-booked, pre-set dinner until midnight when the real party starts. A lot of people also rent tables or chairs (hundreds have been brought into the town squares), passing time with family until the fireworks. We didn’t plan well for either of this, so we walk around for a bit, before finally accepting that we’ll have to pay a cover to go into any bars. We find a promising one - Bourbon Street - but I’m still hesitant to commit. I’ve been burned before paying covers for really empty bars. They let one of us go upstairs to check the club out and L comes back saying it looks good! We all pay and head in ($20.03).
Upstairs, we’re almost immediately greeted by some American guys. We shake them off to go get our included welcome drinks and hang out on the terrace. Before long, a few other American guys come to talk to us, and we find out it’s group of Navy sailors out for the night. They know the guys who were hitting on us before, and we end up hanging out with them until midnight. They are hilarious, and so different from my usual group of friends. They are also buying a lot of bottles of alcohol, so we benefit from this at their table. We spent the next few hours dancing a lot and having fun. At midnight, I kiss one of them, before the three of us run out of the bar to see the fireworks. We run, holding hands and laughing, through the streets to get on top of the walls circling the city. The view is great and this dash through dancing and laughing groups of people ends up being my favorite moment of the night.
After we soak in the fireworks, we head back into the city to enjoy another famous aspect of Cartagena New Year’s - the street parties! Every block there’s a massive speaker system set up and DJs playing all different music with groups of people out in front. We dance our way through the street, stopping with different groups, getting champagne from one, dance moves from another, before coming to the front of the city. I’m starving at this point and grab a street arepa ($0.92), full of cheese and crema. L buys water again for everyone, before we head into another bar - this time a rooftop. The cover here is $15.41. We dance until 3:30, when L is still going strong but R and I are fading fast. An easy walk back to our hostel, some feeble attempts to wash the glitter off our faces, and it’s time for bed.
Daily Total: $192.03
Wednesday, 1/1
We struggle out of bed around 11. We missed the included breakfast, but thankfully we have our leftovers! There’s no communal kitchen, but the hostel kitchen staff (they have an attached restaurant), very kindly heats up our food for us. L tries to tip, but they refuse. We chat with a super nice Swiss guy while we wait, before enjoying our food.
L wants to get her nails done, which seems like a good low-key activity, so we make our way to a salon. We quickly realize that, obviously, it’s New Year’s Day, and obviously, nothing is open. It’s also, again, super hot and we are struggling. We buy paletas from one of the only places open (mixed fruit - $1.79), and R buys snacks for all of us (evened out with the Smirnoff and beer L and I got yesterday). We head back to our hostel and proceed to spend the next four hours in the ‘Netflix room.’ It’s a room with a TV, darts, and actually good air conditioning. We are thriving. We watch A Cinderella Story and How to be Single (a very underrated movie in my opinion).
Eventually, we decide to move again and head out to get dinner at an Italian restaurant, Di Silvio Trattoria. I convince us all to get bruschetta AND pesto crostini, and I get a pasta primavera. I also get a limonada de coco (classic Cartagena drink) and can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on this! I need to have as many as possible before we leave. My dinner comes out to $10.05.
We head back to the hostel and spend the evening chatting with our new Swiss friend and playing with the hostel kitten, Stella.
Daily Total: $11.84
Thursday, 1/2
Beach Day! We wake up around 7:30 for our 8:30 shuttle. Time for a quick breakfast at our hostel, packing up our beach gear (including lots of water), and walking the few blocks to the shuttle location. It’s about an hour and a half drive to Playa Blanca. When we get there, someone comes on the bus and advises us to head down to another beach in a boat, where it will be less crowded. After confirming that this is all included in the cost, we get in the boat for a short 5-10 minute ride. They can’t get the second motor to start, so we are going at a casual 10 miles per hour. The day is sunny, hot, and beautiful.
The beach is crowded and the water is an incredible blue. I don’t know how the water still looks so clean, considering the amount of boats and people in it constantly. When we get off the boat, they show us one of the beach-side restaurants, saying we can use this building for free (it has chairs, hammocks, and bathrooms). We decide to walk a little along the beach, and end up renting a spot at Banana Beach, which has beachside mattresses under umbrellas. It’s less than $10 per person for the day, and I’m so glad we did it. We spend the day lounging, swimming, reading, and eating. At some point, L and I split some ceviche and I get a pina colada. I also buy a paleta from someone on the beach of course – strawberry with condensed milk inside ($1.53). My share for the spot, food, and drink is $28.43.
Our shuttle back is at 8:30, which is nice because the beach definitely clears out after 4. However, the sun sets quickly at 6 and we head over to the first restaurant to relax until our 8:00 boat ride back to the shuttle. They have wi-fi, so we end up watching a John Mulaney special, thankful that the heat is lessening.
When we get back to our hostel around 9:30, we all take showers and decide what to do next. R got pretty sunburnt, so she heads to bed. L wants to take advantage of our last night here, so she and I get dressed and head into town. We stop for some much needed food first – street arepas, stuffed with vegetables ($2.29). We also get water ($1.83) and stop at a road stand that serves mojitos ($2.60). The arepas take about 25 minutes to get and the mojitos are terrible. They’re so bad that we can’t drink them, and L ends up asking the server if the limes in them are bad. She tries a bit and says it tastes right, but brings us some sugar to add. This helps, but after the time delay from the arepas too, we’re feeling like this might not be our night. We head back to the hostel and pass out.
Daily Total: $36.68
Friday, 1/3
Another travel day! But not until later this afternoon. First, one last hostel breakfast, and then we head out to find some good coffee for L. We stop at a café that is airy and light, and I get a limonada de coco ($2.30). We reluctantly leave the air conditioning to head into town. I want one last paleta from town, and we’re just getting a good walk around. I get strawberry with chocolate chips ($1.78). L needs to return a pair of shoes that she bought, so we do that and then stop for lunch around 2.
We get lunch at La Catedral, which is pretty empty, but convenient for when we decide we’re hungry. I get patacones and coconut rice ($5.82). A perfect snack for a hot day. We walk back to our hostel, pick up our things, and grab a taxi to the airport ($1.53). I also paid to check my bag ahead of time ($23.96).
Our flight is to Pereira, a city near Salento. We have pre-arranged a taxi to bring us to Salento, since we land around 6. Getting off the plane is the most refreshing experience because it is not 90 degrees anymore! I know I’ll miss the heat, but stepping into that sweet, sweet 60 degree breeze is glorious. We also are surrounded on all sides by mountains as we land during the sunset, and the view is beautiful.
The driver is there to greet us and we head off to Salento. He’s a super nice guy and is telling us all about this area of Colombia. He also lets us know that this is Salento’s anniversary weekend, so we came at the perfect time! There will be a huge feria in town, with music and vendors. Super lucky for us. The ride is a little over an hour (my share taxi - $15.82).
We check into our hostel, Viajero. It’s one of the largest hostels in Salento, but we don’t get a good look around because it’s already after dark. We passed an Italian restaurant right down the road, and R is craving pizza so we head there. I tried to get the vegetarian lasagna, but they’re out, so I get a ‘thai’ veggie noodle dish. Based on my experience, I expect this to be oiled noodles with bland vegetables, and I am right. Oh well – totally my fault. I also get a limonada de coco. ($9.19) We’re all pretty tired, but pass the night in good conversation before heading to bed early.
Daily Total: $60.40
Saturday, 1/4
I wake up early and head to reception to rent a towel, but genuinely gasp in awe when I see the view from our hostel in the daylight. The mountains are stunning here. I love this green, lush scenery, and I am so happy we decided to include this on our trip. (Towel - $1.53).
We head to the center of town for breakfast and end up eating at Casa de Willys. The view is phenomenal, but the food is not that good. I get a traditional breakfast, with rice and beans, eggs, and an arepa ($3.67). After breakfast, we head out to catch a ride to a coffee farm. The system here is to buy a ticket for a ride on a Willy – a jeep. They leave frequently to coffee farms, nearby towns, and the Valle de Cocora (the famous hike here). We buy a ticket for a few hours later because they let us know that the farm we want to go to – Ocaso – has an English tour at 2. We buy roundtrip tickets and book the coffee tour ($2.65).
We head back toward the center of town and end up doing some souvenir shopping for a while. For my roommate, I buy earrings made from ostrich shells, which we learn are farmed in Colombia ($6.12). R and I also each buy a beautiful framed landscape of the Valle de Cocora made from leaves and flowers – I buy this souvenir for me ($29.15).
We head back to the Willy and enjoy a bumpy ride up to the coffee farm. They *pack* people into this car – eight in the back, two next to the driver, and three standing on the bumper, hanging on! We all want to try the standing version next time.
We get to the coffee farm and have some downtime before the tour. I buy a, surprise!, ice cream ($2.14). No paletas available. The coffee tour is great, and I learn quite a bit about the process from plant to cup. I tip the guides a bit ($0.89) and buy four bags of coffee for various friends ($16.26). L, who is a huge coffee fan, buys a bag of each type they sell, and they’re shocked. We all have a good laugh as we collectively struggle to fit her purchase into a bag. Then we head out on the next Willy that comes by. L and R stand on the outside, but I get an inside seat. It’s great though because I spend the time talking to a very kind German woman, and we have a good conversation about world affairs.
We get back to our hostel and all have a drink before heading out to dinner (Wine - $2.45). We play Jenga for a while and can’t stop cracking up. We then head out to dinner at a place called La Brunch, which is famous among the backpackers in Salento. I get a mojito and a veggie burger. It’s massive, but R still convinces me to split a brownie sundae with her. This restaurant is definitely a quantity over quality place, but still pretty good ($10.72). I was feeling tipsy, but everyone else is feeling super full, so we head home. Tomorrow we’re going hiking! We talk to both the hostel front desk and some of our roommates, and everyone recommends that we leave early for the hike, especially since it’s going to be very full on a Sunday. We plan to catch a 6:30 am Willy, so try to get to sleep early (though I fail and don’t fall asleep until midnight).
Daily Total: $75.58
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2020.01.12 17:12 ForearmPump Colombia Trip Report

I found trip reports really helpful in planning trips so wanted to do one on my recent trip to Colombia!
I think I ended up spending about $1500 total on the trip. I was able to use points for the flights to/from Colombia and stayed at hostels mostly which kept costs down. It also helped that Colombia is an extremely affordable country for travel. However I also did a lot of activities and did not feel limited by a low budget.
*Trip Length:*
17 days
Cartagena Medellin Guatapé Salento Bogota (only to fly out of)
Life is Good Cartagena (3 nights, Cartagena)- a little pricey but the staff is great. They offer a great free breakfast, have inexpensive airport transfers, and offer cooking classes. The air conditioning in the rooms is amazing and each bunk has a curtain and outlet. The bathrooms are small, shared, and not in the rooms. Not too social of a hostel but they have a great rooftop area with two small pools and Bali beds. I liked to drink coffee up here.
Hostel Rango (4 nights, Medellin)- a really nice hostel, but probably better if you go as part of a group. Not sure why, but I didn’t find it that idea for solo travelers. The rooms themselves are nice enough with outlets and bathrooms in the rooms. Great location and a really nice (if expensive, like US prices expensive) bar. My one complaint is that if you get a room on the first floor, the music is really loud until midnight so you can’t really sleep until then.
AirBnb (4 nights, Guatapé)- wanted to give myself a break from dorm rooms for a bit. If you do stay in a hostel, Lake View seems good. I booked climbing and kayaking through Colombia Getaway which is related to this hostel. Definitely stay in town, the hostels/Airbnb’s around the lake have nice views but it’ll be such a pain to get anywhere.
El Alternativo (1 night, Medellin)- fine for a night in between Guatapé and getting the bus to Salento. Fairly basic but it’s near some great restaurants and had outlets at each bunk and an in room bathroom. Didn’t stay long enough to say much more.
Coffee Tree Boutique (3 nights, Salento)- this place is AMAZING. It’s a great location in town but entirely self contained with beautiful green areas and balconies to look at the area. Plus 2 friendly St. Bernard dogs. The dorms were fairly open air which was cool and bugs weren’t an issue. Each bed had an outlet, curtain, and there was a bathroom in the room. Their breakfast was awesome- chocolate chip pancakes! I also did the free 1.5 hour yoga class and they offer packed lunches for the Valle de Cocora Hike. If you come to Salento, stay here!
Courtyard Marriott Airport Bogota (1 night, Bogota)- used points on this one. Worth it to be close to the airport for my early flight the next day and have access to the free shuttle.
Cooking class ($30), free Medellin walking tour, Communa 13 tour ($20), Medellin cable cars and Parque Arvi ($7), rock climbing ($40), kayaking ($15), Valle de Cocora hike, coffee tour ($5)
-Salento is incredible and the Valle de Cocora hike is not to be missed. Stay at Coffee Tree hostel if you can.
*Final Verdict:*
I loved the time I spent in Colombia. It’s a beautiful country and the people are so kind and helpful and just love to talk to you (even if you only know limited Spanish like me). I always felt safe while I was there and as long as you take sensible precautions there shouldn’t be any issues. If you’re considering going, DO IT!
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